Flat Earthers Decide To Prove World Is Not Spherical On Antarctica Expedition

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It’s all well and smart expression the world is flat, however if you are gonna, you would like to back it up with some proof. For the Flat Earth Society, it’s clear to envision.

Their web site reads: “The simplest (way) is by counting on one’s own senses to recognise actuality nature of the planet around US.

“The world appearance flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat, the movement of the Sun; these are all samples of your senses telling you that we don’t survive a spherical heliocentric world.”

Unfortunately for flat earthers, the general public do not see the actual fact we will see stuff within the distance and cannot feel the world spinning as conclusive proof the world is flat.

But keen to confute mountains of proof and therefore the terribly theories on that infinite aspects of our daily lives are designed, ‘heliocentric globe deniers’ are getting to sail to Antarctica. there’s little info offered relating to the voyage as of nevertheless, that is delineate on the Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) web site as ‘the biggest, boldest, best journey yet’.

The FEIC believe the world is additional sort of a disc than a ball, and is enclosed by a vast icy wall, creatively referred to as the ‘Ice Wall’; but, they are doing not claim to understand what lies on the far side the wall.

Their web site reads: “Beyond the Ice Wall is anyone’s guess. how so much the ice extends; however it terminates; and what exists on the far side it, are inquiries to that no gift human expertise will reply.”

Maybe post Flat Earth Cruise 2020 we’ll have a far better plan.

A very real issue tho’ is however precisely the society arrange on finding their thanks to Antarctica, what with all ship navigation technology designed on the premise the world is spherical.

As former liner captain Henk Keijer explained to The Guardian: “Ships navigate supported the principle that the world is spherical. transportation charts square measure designed therewith in mind: that the world is spherical.

“I have sailed 2 million miles, provide or take, I even have not encountered one ship’s officer United Nations agency believes the world is flat.”

Hmmm might be difficult for them to search out a captain then. maybe they’re going to guide themselves by merely inform downward and following their finger. or else, they may simply rent a heliocentric globe basic cognitive process captain and simply ignore the actual fact the sole reason they’ve created it to continent is due to sphere earth primarily based science.

Hopefully for them it goes a bit higher than the flat earther experiment in Behind The Curve – that disproved their own theory.