Climate Scientists Warn That All Super Mario Levels Will Be Underwater by 2025

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Let me be clear: we need to get the word out about global warming now… before Super Mario World becomes Super Mario Sunshine, DiCaprio passionately said to thunderous applause at the event.

Despite confirmations of these fears by the majority of top climate scientists, there are still a few who do not believe the data.

In some Super Mario levels, you climb up a beanstalk and run along the clouds collecting coins. If any scientist tells you thats going to be underwater one day, they are lying to you, said scientist James Siegel. And the fact that my employer is the company working on Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer 2 has nothing to do with my position on that.

At press time, the scientists behind the eye-opening climate change document were already moving on to updated models even beyond the future of Super Mario. As a result of new research, most climate scientists now believe that by 2050, all Legend of Zelda temples will be water temples.