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Free HTML Templates

by Corey Faulkerson

Posted on 2016-09-30 19:23:40

I know you have asked for royalty free, free templates and I have listed a few sites, but I have also listed some royalty free, paid template sites as well.

As already stated, free templates usually come with terms & conditions where you have to credit either the author or the site they came from in the form of a backlink with specific rules on the form of the link and anchor text.

The paid sites have catches as as well. Take for example Boxed Art. Their terms stipulate that you have to register your clients on their site and that you have to have a current membership to do this. This means that you can't download loads of templates during the 1 month membership then continue to develop templates for clients afterwards.

But Boxed Art does give access to a lot of sister sites with free stock photos, clipart (urgh), logos, branding, print templates etc.

Hope this helps.

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