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FB metatags

by Faulkerson

Posted on 2016-09-30 17:45:04

The properties include descriptive meta-data about the article that we specifically want to present when someone shares the article.

Basic Tags

These are the most basic meta tags that you should use for all content types:

og:urlThe canonical URL for your page. This should be the undecorated URL, without session variables, user identifying parameters, or counters. Likes and Shares for this URL will aggregate at this URL. For example, mobile domain URLs should point to the desktop version of the URL as the canonical URL to aggregate Likes and Shares across different versions of the page.
og:titleThe title of your article without any branding such as your site name.
og:descriptionA brief description of the content, usually between 2 and 4 sentences. This will displayed below the title of the post on Facebook.
og:imageThe URL of the image that appears when someone shares the content to Facebook. See below for more info, and check out our best practices guide to learn how to specify a high quality preview image.
fb:app_iIn order to use Facebook Domain Insights you must add the app ID to your page. Domain Insights lets you view analytics for traffic to your site from Facebook. Find the app ID in your App Dashboard.

You may also want to add two additional tags to improve distribution of your content and more engagement:

og:typeThe type of media of your content. This tag impacts how your content shows up in News Feed. If you don't specify a type,the default is website. Each URL should be a single object, so multiple og:type values are not possible. Find the full list of object types in our Object Types Reference
og:localeThe locale of the resource. Defaults to en_US. You can also use og:locale:alternate if you have other available language translations available. Learn about the locales we support in our documentation on localization.

The full list of standard object properties is in our Object Properties Reference.




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